Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be Inspired: Table Numbers

The White Library via Etsy

It's all in the details. Have fun with designing your wedding day or event tablescape with inspired table numbers.

Check-out today's post by The White Library for some great table number finds. Click here to read.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fabulous Local Store Find: Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is another one of my favorite stores! Last week I found this great acrylic cake stand for $9.99. What a deal! It's 10.5 inches in diameter. Great for home parties and dessert tables.

Click here for this week's 40% off coupon.

Glassware is also 50% off this week!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

"Which vendors should I tip?" and "How much should I tip my vendors?" are questions that I get a lot from brides. It's hard to know what is proper protocol for weddings, since this is the first and probably last time they'll plan a wedding, so I let my brides know that tipping is in their discretion and welcome and that a hand written thank you note is always nice or a small gift of appreciation.

Check-out The Knot's Wedding Vendor Tipping Cheat Sheet here.

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nail Polish - What's Your Color?

When I go to the salon for a manicure and pedicure it takes me about 15 minutes to pick out my nail polish color. I'm always drawn to pink, soft pink for my nails and bright pink for my toes, but then I love the fun and funky colors too and the internal debate begins. A few weeks ago, I picked out a yellow OPI color and I was in love! I'm now a fan of bright yellow for the summer.

What nail polish colors do you love for the summer?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Grooming for the Groom

Image via Google by Darcie Michelle Photography

Everyone obsesses over the bride's look but the groom needs to look good too. Photographer, Stuart Meyer shares some great camera ready tips for grooms on wedding day.

Shave the morning of your wedding.
Get a haircut a week beforehand.
Get rid of any hair that might cover your eyes. If you have a mustache or beard, Trim and groom your mustcahe or beard, so it does not look shaggy.
Trim stray nose hairs.

Not happy with your skin, seek professional help. Facials are not just for girls. Schedule a facial at least one week before the wedding in case you have an allergic reaction or get blotchy skin and need time to heal.

Schedule a cleaning, if it's been a while since you've seen the dentist.
Want a brighter smile, have your teeth whitened.

"A touch-up tan looks good, but the most common mistake is overdoing it. Over-exposed skin looks fake and does not photograph well. If you are into outdoor activities, use sunscreen - the best tan for wedding photography is the one you get when just a bit of sun peeks through the sunscreen to increase your natural melanin production." - Stuart Meyer, Photographer

Hands and Fingernails:
Clip and clean your fingernails at least one day before the wedding.

To read the full list of tips click here.

Happy Planning!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Food Truck Craze!

Food trucks are making their way to an event near you. I love the idea of incorporating the nostalgic and fun feel of a food truck at a corporate or social event. You'll even see them popping up at weddings.

Charlotte Center City Partners kicked off their "Chow Down Uptown - A Food Truck Festival" last month and it's been going strong every Thursday from 5pm-9pm.

Yesterday, I decided to check-it out and do some research on the food truck scene here in Charlotte. Many of the trucks were lacking the design element that captures your attention when walking the down street, but the food was pretty tasty. My husband and I tasted dishes from Roots Farm Food, Harvest Moon Grille and Roaming Fork. I think we'll definitely have to check-it out again next week because we didn't save room for dessert and there were two cupcake trucks. :-)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet the Parents!

Image via Google

Marriage is not only the joining of two people, but it is also the coming together of two families.

Here are 5 tips from for "How to get Along with Your In-Laws".

1. Get to know your in-laws.
"When you decide to seriously date and then marry a person, you must make it a point to open your heart and mind to his or her family. When invited to the home of your in-laws, you must talk to your hosts. Make conversation. Ask questions about the family history. Offer to help set the table. Join in the fun if someone is playing a game. Be friendly without being pushy. It's a fine line, but it will help you score points and get to know your new family."
- Francesca Di Meglio also features some great ice-breaker questions/comments for getting to know your spouse's family. Click here to read the article.

2. Find your niche in the family.
"Once you know everyone, and everyone knows you, you must find your niche in the family. That means you need to determine where you fit in and what you can contribute. No one wants to be the black sheep. Your husband or wife can help you get along with his or her family. Your spouse, for instance, can introduce you to cousin Stella, who enjoys knitting as much as you do. Or your husband can encourage his mom to invite you to the annual girls day at the spa that she has with her daughters and nieces. Your spouse can also smooth things over if you're ever misunderstood by the in-laws. All these things go a long way to helping you find your place and determine the kind of relationship you'll have with your in-laws."
- Francesca Di Meglio

3. Establish relationships with your in-laws.
"Often, people tip-toe around issues rather than coming out and saying what is on their minds. Instead of assuming that your in-laws would like this type or that type of relationship with you, you should just come out and ask them. Discuss the particulars of your relationship, such as whether you'd be comfortable calling them mom and dad or the limits you'd like to set when it comes to family visits and advice about housekeeping and parenting. If you discuss these issues up front, then they should be less of a problem for everyone down the road."
- Francesca Di Meglio

4. Stop the meddling mother-in-law.
"Pushy mothers-in-law are the subject of many jokes, but they are also a reality for many families. Not everyone has to deal with this step. But a meddling mother-in-law can wreak havoc on a couple's relationship. They can cause arguments between husband and wife, make their in-laws feel like outsiders or as though they're being judged, and they can try to steal center stage. Most of the time, their intentions are good. They think they are helping the couple. Or they feel left out of their child's new married life. Fear of losing a child can drive a mother to do crazy things. Patience and understanding can get you all through this difficult transitional phase."
- Francesca Di Meglio

5. Resolve in-law problems.
"Families breed love, but they also breed problems. There are growing pains whenever someone new enters the family dynamic. Then, there are also other problems, ones you often start to face when you're planning your wedding -- from divorced parents who put their kid (your spouse) in the middle of their arguments to parents who never thought anyone, not even you, was good enough for their son or daughter. Besides these problems, there are issues that arise everyday about things, such as how you're raising your kids or where you'll spend the holidays. All of these problems require a resolution. To solve problems, you have to be able to communicate openly and diplomatically."
- Francesca Di Meglio

Do you get along with your in-laws? What advise would you give newly married couples?