Monday, November 14, 2011

Fabulous Local Store Find: Bridesmaids Shoes

When designing your wedding day, make sure that you also select attire for your wedding party that will complement your wedding style and make them feel fabulous and comfortable.

While shopping last week, I found these super cute formal heels at Off Broadway Shoes. Your bridesmaids will sing your praises with these sassy and affordable heels.

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In the Press: Style Perfect Weddings and Events

How exciting! Style Perfect Weddings and Events is quoted in the The Herald Weekly discussing the Democratic National Convention coming to Charlotte in 2012 and the wedding we planned for Jennifer + Daniel last September is featured in the Charlotte Premier Bride Magazine.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Emily Post - Wedding Party Responsibilities

Source: Google via

Many couples ask me what are the typical roles and responsibilities for their wedding attendants. Emily Post has put together a great list. Please see below.

Wedding Attendant Roles
• Pay for their wedding attire and accessories (excluding flowers).
• Arrange and pay for their own transportation. (Wedding hosts should provide the accommodations.)
• Be timely and communicative regarding travel arrangements and acquiring attire.
• Understand the specific duties involved (see below).
• Arrive at specified times for all wedding-related events.
• Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner; attend other pre-wedding events when feasible.
• Give an individual wedding gift to the couple, or contribute to a group gift from all the attendants.
• Assist the bride and groom whenever possible.
• Be attentive to other guests at the wedding and reception.
Source: Emily Post

To view more specific duties, click here for the article.

Happy Planning!