Saturday, May 30, 2009

DIY Project: Peony Centerpiece

Check-out Swanky Tables Friday post on a quick and easy peony centerpiece. Such a great idea for cocktail tables. Love it!

picture from Swanky Tables

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flower of the week: Peony

With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of summer, I have been drawn to the beauty of all things flowers. That being said be on the look out for future flower posts.

Peonies have become my new found love. Although they are a more expensive flower, they are very lush and full and don't require many blooms to make a statement.

As the traditional floral symbol of China, the state flower of Indiana, and the 12th wedding anniversary flower, peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. They are also regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart Weddings

Wedding Aces

Blue Orchid Weddings

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Save on your Wedding!

I have recently discovered something pretty amazing. Many may already know this, but for those of us that just got hip to finding coupon and promotion codes online this will help you save big on almost any purchase that you make online. My discovery started off with a Google search for "coupon codes for Edible Arrangements" and to my surprise there were several and it actually worked. Then this week I was renewing the hosting for my website on and found a promotion code online that saved me 20%. Sweet!

Here are a few promotion codes that I found on Google, to help you save on purchases for your wedding or party. "ETH09" (valid until 4/3/2010)
Save 10% off natural wood branches for your manzanita branch centerpieces.

Wedding Paper Divas - Link to coupon codes
Save $10 off on orders $99+, $20 on orders of $199+, Save 5% on entire order.

Michaels - Printable Coupon
40% off any one regular priced item (offer expires 5/23/2009)

Party City - Printable Coupon
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Save 5% on your order for wholesale flowers.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DIY Project: Hanging Vases

(Apartment Therapy via Snippet & Ink: Daily Wedding Inspiration)

The weather is warm and nature is in full bloom, so I'm posting another tip for an outdoor celebration. Here is a great DIY project, from DIY Ideas, for a romantic affair, "Blooms in a Hanging Vase".

What you'll need:
• Several 4-inch-tall glass votives or jars (found at crafts or home stores: IKEA, Crafts,Etc! )
• 2 feet of 3/8-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon for each votive or jar
• Hot-glue gun and a pack of glue sticks
• Freshly cut flowers

1. Turn a vase upside down on a work surface. Fold a 2-foot-length of ribbon in half to find the midpoint. Using the hot-glue gun, attach the midpoint of the ribbon to the center bottom of the vase. Glue the ribbon to the sides of the vase and let it dry.

2. Repeat with the remaining vases.

3. If additional embellishment is desired, hot glue any excess ribbon around the lips of the glass containers, smoothing out the ribbon so it lies flat. Let dry.

4. Fill each vase 1/3 full of water. Add cut blooms to the vases. DIY Ideas used white peonies and lady’s mantle. Then tie the ribbons along tree branches for a dazzling, romantic display.

Adding a few hanging votives or lanterns will enhance the charm and romance of your event, when the sun begins to set.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Outdoor Event

Does rain on your special day really bring good luck? Mother nature is very unpredictable! When planning an outdoor event always consider the possibility of rain. Now I'm a hopeful and optimistic person, but weather is one thing that I can not control and no matter how many times you tell yourself "Oh, it will be fine. It's not going to rain." It "can".

When planning an outdoor event make sure you:
- Consider the season and month of your event. You want to make sure that your guests will be comfortable despite the temperature. The Weather Channel has a great travel planner tool that shows you monthly averages for temperature and precipitation.

- Inquire about restrictions on tents and permits that may be needed for catering and alcohol services when looking at locations.

- Have a plan b for inclement weather. Is there an indoor location that you can use? Consider renting a tent. If you do rent a tent, is there enough outdoor space. The Knot gives a great calculation to determine the size of tent needed in square feet. Multiply the number of people attending by 12 for the minimum size in square feet and by 15 for the optimum size and space.

50 guests (650-750 square feet)
100 guests (1,300-1,500 square feet)
150 guests (1,950-2,250 square feet)
200 guests (2,600-3,000 square feet)

- Compliment the natural beauty of your surroundings when deciding decor.

- Ensure the ground is level for chairs and or tables and a dance floor.

- Factor in electrical needs and plan accordingly.

- Have access to restrooms for guests that are close to the event site.

- Combat insects. Have your site sprayed a couple of days before the event or set-up citronella candles.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fabulous Local Store Find: Bridesmaid Gift

Last week I stopped by to see Teri, co-owner of The Wine Room at Afton Village in Concord, and I found this great flask that you can gift your bridesmaids with. It's so cute! The top of the flask is a huge diamond and the flask is inscribed with "bridesmaid".

Check-out The Wine Room it’s a great place for wine, entertainment and unique gifts! You can also book your baby shower, wedding rehearsal, or birthday at The Wine Room.

The Wine Room
5401 Village Dr NW
Concord, NC 28027
(704) 782-9463