Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Postage and Stamps

Whenever I go to the post office I love checking out the new stamps. How cute are these!

If you're at the six to eight week mark before your wedding, it's time to mail out those invites and if you're planning a destination wedding ten to twelve weeks is recommended for mailing your invitations to guests. 

Here are some additional tips for mailing wedding invitations:

When assembling and stuffing your wedding invitations the invite goes on the bottom and your enclosures then stack on top in order from largest to smallest. The smallest enclosure goes on the very top of the pile. 

ALWAYS put a stamp on the reply card envelope or reply card post card. 

Weigh a complete invitation at the post office before purchasing postage. It's common for invites to require more postage than just the regular 46 cent stamp because of enclosures, which increases the thickness of the invite. 

Have your invites hand processed. This will guarantee that your invitations will be sorted by hand rather than by a machine, which can bend or even ruin your invites. There is an additional charge for hand processing, if your invites are not rectangular or meet the minimum size of 5" long x 3 1/2" high x 0.007" think or the maximum size of 11 1/3" long x 6 1/8" high x 1/4" thick or weighs more than 3.5 oz. You will pay a 20 cent non-machinable fee per envelope. If your invites meet the requirements, you can ask the post office to hand cancel your invites, which is a stamp that they will stamp on the envelope that denotes your mail has been processed and does not need to go through the machine. Most post offices will do this for free and will even allow you to stamp the hand cancel stamp on your invites, but some will ask for a 20 cent fee per envelope for the postal staff to hand cancel your invites.      

Ask a question. Comment below if you need more details on mailing your wedding invites.

Happy Planning!